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Dreams of watermelon yet to come...

Breakfast- 1/4 of a very large watermelon

Lunch- the same, 1/4 half of a very large watermelon

Dinner- Raw take-out from Jandi's Natural Market in Oceanside, NY: 1 Sunflower seed patty, 1 Sprouted lentil patty, raw humus, raw spinach pate, spinach crackers, carrot crackers, macaroons from The Raw Baker

The Texas watermelon was sweet, hopefully, a harbinger of watermelons yet to be eaten this summer.

As I write, it's a rainy Saturday afternoon in East Atlantic Beach, NY. I'm wishing The Plant in Dumbo was open and that I had plans to go there for dinner.

Tonight at Jandi's I met Seth Davis, the raw Chef there. He was telling me about the raw community out on Long Island. There's a support group that meets and has potlucks regularly. We also had a brief word or two about cacao. "I love cacao, but it doesn't love me" he said. We both agreed that it's pretty addictive stuff.

Jandi's raw deli selections were pretty tasty. It was the end of the day and just before closing so choices were limited but what we ate was good, especially the humus.

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