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Being a Raw Foodist at a wedding, it can work...

Dinner (Thursday, 6/29/06)- several cocktail sized plates of sliced watermelon; a salad of mixed fruit & greens with orange vinaigrette- papaya, figs, strawberries, blueberries; a large plate of fresh vegetables- carrot sticks, celery sticks, yellow and red cherry tomatoes.

Last night I attended my friend Sarah's wedding.  As graciously promised, there was an abundance of delicious ripe fruit served during the reception preceding the ceremony and dinner.  Dinner itself was also perfectly satisfying, especially having been proceeded with all the luscious fruit at the reception.  I finished dinner feeling satisfied and energetic, notably not stuffed. 

Thank you and congratulations Sarah & Binyamin Amona!  May you always see beautiful rainbows on your sun lit and blue skied horizon. 

My raw dinner inspired interesting and thought provoking conversation with a few of my dinner companions.  I want to convey that where I am today with eating and what I feel satisfied with has grown and changed over time.  Don't be afraid when you see someone(me) eating a plate of plain simple vegetables without dressing;  this is not the stark limits of raw food living!  This is one unique meal from a very rich and satisfying raw diet.

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