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Juliano, Richard Heinberg, raw foods and sustainability...

Breakfast- 12 Pure Food & Wine Chocolate Macaroons, a large organic peppermint tea

Lunch- 5 large bananas

Dinner- back to Pure Food & Wine (take out!) for lasagna & raw vegan sushi rolls

It's very rare that I drink any kind of tea; I have a nagging feeling that I've cheated.  Not to dismiss it- but "there are worse things I could do!"

Juliano's, as in "world famous chef Juliano Brotman, who prepares raw food for the likes of Robin Williams and Apple co-founder Steve Jobs in Santa Monica" is applying for a beer and wine permit.  There are worse things he could do to, but I still feel disappointed that the viability of a raw restaurant serving delicious and health supporting food depends the revenue from selling a legalized drug and cytotoxin.  Represented by his attorney, Juliano's absence at the hearing was noted.  Juliano's persona is quite colorful and alternatively bohemian.  Maybe his absence was calculated in order to keep the request focused on business and not personality.

In the July 2006 issue of The Sun, Richard Heinberg(author of The Oil Depletion Protocol : A Plan to Avert Oil Wars, Terrorism and Economic Collapse), interviewed by Arnie Cooper, talks about the pending decline and change of society's complexity as the world reaches and passes it peak production of fossil fuels.  Due to the limitations of our natural resources our society can't have perpetual growth in complexity.  Heinberg says, "Obviously that can't happen.  For one thing we'll run out of resources: oil, water, topsoil."  

I often ponder the far reaching affects that a raw food based life has on the earth and our society's complex modes of  existence.  It's impossible that a raw life which intrinsically conserves our resources and changes how we use them can't have a major impact.  My belief in this is further solidified by Heinberg: "We're on the verge of an infrastructure shift as profound as any in human history....  The most important work we can do right now is at the level of infrastructure: finding new ways to meet our basic needs--particularly for food--in a sustainable way."

Frederic Patenaude sent out this announcement "Well, I can't figure it out, but I still have 3 SPACES OPEN for the upcoming Body Enlightenment System in July.  The only explanation I can give is that the universe is holding them for SPECIAL PEOPLE on this list.  Even if you're just *curious*, please take a look, because there is honestly only 3 SPOTS LEFT as of now." 

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