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Self awareness...

Breakfast- 1/4 large watermelon

Lunch- Pecan date rolls, 1 Glaser Farms Banana Walnut Oat cookie

Dinner- small wedge of watermelon, then an avocado tomato salad (2 avocados, 3 tomatoes), cashew nuts to satisfy my craving for "crunch".

It's stopped raining in Long Beach and I went for a run and played tennis today. I felt drowsy and I took a nap. I usually don't take naps and I'm thinking that maybe my body is craving the rest that it didn't get as a result of eating cacao both at breakfast and at dinner on Friday. Also, it's quiet here and the air is fresh compared to NYC; so my body is also responding to that.

There was a neighborhood barbecue this afternoon, but I didn't go because I felt like it was more important to heed my desire for rest. Decisions like that are challenging to make sometimes. What would the world be like if everyone made decisions based on what they sincerely felt they needed for their wellbeing and not decisions based on feelings of obligation and wanting to be "nice."

Also, in that scenario, I can see that there would be times when stopping by the neighbor's barbecue would be in the interest of your wellbeing. A basic need of life is healthy enjoyable interactions with others. I value self awareness, but sometimes I wish I could be one of those people who just proceed through life without concern about eating the right food and doing the right thing.

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