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Raw Food education, breaking the cycle...

Breakfast- 1 large fresh pineapple

Lunch- 6 bananas with almond butter & shredded coconut

Dinner- mock mashed potatoes, mock tuna salad, macadamia nut crackers

They say that "hope springs eternal" and I felt it today when I read "Food 101" by Barbara Quinn in the Monterey Herald.  Barbara writes about a program offered to pre-schoolers in a local Head Start.  Barbara writes: "How do you teach a 3-year old to like fruits and vegetables? Let him taste a blueberry. Pick a tomato off the vine. Shuck corn.  ...the program is all about experiencing healthful food... preschool-style."

Children are naturally drawn to the colors, textures and taste of fresh raw fruits and vegetables.  It's up to us to see that these natural attractions are nurtured so that children don't become jaded and interested in eating Fruit Loops instead of fruit. 

My friend Vicki Hatcher in White Plains, NY is friends with a family that has young girls and she gets together with them and they do "girl things."  When it comes to food Vickie and the girls regularly prepare delicious fruit smoothies together thus combining fun and healthy eating.  It's fun for children (and adults) to pick out the colorful fruit, wash and cut it and blend it all together for a colorful refreshing beverage.

In "Food 101" Barbara reports that "As early as pregnancy, flavors from food transfer through amniotic fluid to the fetus and influence a child's food preferences. By the age of 5, most children have established their own personal likes and dislikes of certain foods."

It's no wonder that people struggle with eating a healthy raw diet when our food preferences have been influenced in utero by generations of cooked food eaters.  Infants of cooked food eating mothers are born addicted to cooked food just as infants of drug addicted mothers are born addicted to drugs.

We can break the cycle!


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