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Always organic? I try...

Breakfast- 1/4 large watermelon

Lunch- 1/4 plus large watermelon

I compromised my organic standards today.  Gristedes at 8th Avenue and 54th Street has whole Florida watermelons for sale, $9.99 each, so I bought one.  I'm always relieved when I take that first bite and it's good and sweet like this one was.  I almost always buy organic but every so often I compromise with produce that I assume has less risk of pesticide contamination.  Usually, my compromise items are citrus, avocados, and watermelon.  According to FoodNews, who lists the "Dirty Dozen", nectarines have the greatest pesticide contamination while peas and broccoli have the least.  There was no ranking for watermelon.  Something feels wrong about having to choose to spend more for pesticide-free food or spend less for pesticide comtaminated food. 

I admire people who don't compromise their standards.  Robert Dyckman is one of the most committed organic raw vegans I know.  Also, Lillian Butler and Eddie Robinson at Raw Soul are committed to preparing the best quality organic raw food that's possible; they don't skimp!

Research has shown that pesticides are linked to cancer and disease but I don't see many mainstream people openly saying that there is a link between cooked food and cancer.  The mainstream media and government agencies seem to be afraid to make any strong truthful statement that will upset commercial interests.   

I don't know if she is a raw foodist or not, but Robin Phillips says this, "Researchers report that diets high in fruits and vegetables, especially raw veggies, can reduce cancer risk. Our digestive systems were designed to process raw food, with enzymes that help break down the food.  If you choose to eat cooked food...."

Raw or not we need more people spreading this information.

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