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Raw Food relativity, death burgers, Chocolate buzz, Woody Harrelson,

Breakfast- 8 coconut date rolls & 2 bananas

Its remarkable how relative the sense of taste is.  At breakfast I ate the date rolls first followed by the bananas.  The date rolls were so sweet that the bananas  tasted literally flavorless.  This reminds me what it must be like for people who try eating salt free simple raw foods after being accostomed to the highly salted and seasoned standard cooked food diet.  Its a miracle that any of us found raw foods and then had the perseverance to stick with it.

The web article "15 Burgers to Try Before You Die" has an option to leave comments so I did: "None of them. They're made from the flesh of dead tortured animals and are the cause of disease and death- heart attacks, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, cancer, stroke, gout, osteoporosis, etc.... America stop fooling yourself; break your addiction to cooked food and be healthy!"

I feel a little tired today.  That's the price to pay for eating chocolate macaroons.  The caffeine/theobromine buzz euphoria felt great yesterday but I didn't sleep much and I need to make up for it today.

Raw Food Vegan Environmentalist Activist Woody Harrelson, apparently fed up with being followed by the paparazzi, accosted a video camera toting photographer.  Stand up for for your right to be raw Woody!

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