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Westerly, would you please get a real raw chef...

Lunch- from Westerly Natural Market: mock mashed potatoes, sun-dried tomato casserole, Audrey's Pleasure Royal Cheez crackers, Ms. Lillian's Mango Ginger Cheesecake

Dinner- 6 coconut macaroons from Pure Food & Wine

I think I can tell the difference between raw food dishes that have been made by raw foodists and those that have been made by cooked foodists.  I went to Westerly hoping for a satisfying treat from their raw delicatessen but I felt very disappointed.  The best thing I got, Ms. Lillian's Cheesecake, was made somewhere else.  The items made at Westerly were heavily salted and bland.  An experienced raw chef knows how to create flavorful dishes without using salt and nuts as a crutch.  I also bought the tomato humus but it was pasty and unpalatable; maybe it was just an off day.

Whenever I have disappointing experiences like these, its a signal for me to return to the satisfying simple pleasure of fruit, vegetables, seeds, and nuts.

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