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Tough choices, Raw Food and Jet Lag, Live Organic Food Bar

Breakfast- Cashew carob coconut banana smoothie

Lunch- 1 very large head of Romaine Lettuce

I was inspired by Chef Dan Hoyt's recipe for a Chocolate Banana Smoothie with cashew milk.  I didn't have all the ingredients and I tried to fake it.  It didn't work!  My carob sludge concoction was okay but next time I think I'll stick to the recipe.  It took a lot of will power to eat the lettuce for lunch.  Once I go down the prepared or high fat food route its tough to get turned back around.  I was craving cashew nuts, but I knew, after the heavy smoothie I had had, greens would be the best choice.  Once I started chomping down on the Romaine, it tasted good and I felt satisfied.

Some raw folks in London are claiming that their pricey raw food meal helps conquer Jet Lag.  The ingredients of the largely raw "Jet Lag Busting Meal" aren't calling my name but maybe its a step in the raw direction.

A Raw Deal is a Good Deal for Anne Marie Males who gave Toronto's Live Organic Food Bar a great review. She's not a raw foodist but "nutritionists (and moms) the world over will tell you that eating more fresh fruit and vegetables is good for you, so it was with this virtuous idea in mind that [she] trundled off to the Live Organic Food Bar."  What a relief that she didn't write how expensive and time consuming raw food is!  Her closing comments: "if I lived in the neighbourhood, I'd be here all the time. Who knew healthy eating could be so darn good?"

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