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Raw Food Vegan gets caught eating nachos, M&M binge, Keep Coming back...

Breakfast- 1/2 watermelon

In an "Uncooked Tour", David Morley writes about the local raw food vegan scene in Baltimore.  To my chagrin he mistakenly writes that "Active raw foodists work long hours in the kitchen preparing smoothies, juices, and vegan flatbreads, crackers, salad dressings...."  No we don't!  We slice the watermelon and sit down and eat it! 

Morley recounts his brief three day raw experience.  He writes that "By the end of my third day raw, I was so hungry, and yet so full."  The poor guy needed fruit!  He needed fuel!  Its a disservice to not tell people to incorporate fruit into their raw diet.  Morley's raw attempt ended with surrendering to a late night craving for cooked spinach pie.  He had clearly been experiencing detox symptoms because after eating the spinach pie his "headache of two days was gone." 

Michael Harris is the central focus in Morley's article.  Harris apparently is a focal point and local expert in the Baltimore raw food scene.  Unfortunately for Harris, after Morley's piece came out, a local bartender recognized his photo from the article and realized that she had just "served Michael Harris nachos and beer! FRIED nachos that are cooked in the same grease as our chicken wings and fried fish! COOKED nachos that are smothered with CHEESE . . . from a moo-cow!"

In "Caught", Gadi Dechter writes "And so the nacho-noshing raw vegan joins gambling moralist William Bennett and pill-popping paladin Rush Limbaugh in that awkward space where self-anointed purity invites public scrutiny.

Poor Michael Harris, many of us have been there, struggling to make healthy changes and doing it imperfectly.  Several years ago I was leading a meeting of Accent on Wellness raw food support group and I confessed to the group that that very day I had been binging on Peanut M&M's throughout the day at work!  Disclosure helps us all with our individual struggles; its not always easy.  I feel grateful to not be struggling with M&M's today.  

Michael Harris, don't beat yourself up and just keep coming back!  

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