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Raw Foods in Australia & Oregon...

Breakfast- about 1/3 of the Tropical Fruit Tart from last night

Nothing in particular to write about--  Monica Videnieks is writing about raw foodists in Western Australia.  Apparently they generally have the same views on cooked vs. raw that we do.  In Getting Raw Monica writes "Fresh is best, but raw is better. Fresh food — or food as close to its original living state as possible — retains more vitamins, minerals and enzymes and will fuel your body better than food zapped in a microwave or boiled into a mush.

I recently learned of a raw food group in Oregon, the Douglas County Raw Food Group; it meets in Roseburg.  The group has a couple of guests speakers coming up, one tonight and the other next Monday, July 17.  The details are in the Raw Dish! events calendar.

I am really enjoying this Tropical Fruit Tart; there's one serving left!

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