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What if the world was crazy, Cher on raw food...

Lunch- 1 large slice Tropical Fruit Tart; 1 large head Romaine lettuce

Dinner- walnuts, cashews, sun-dried tomatoes, green olive tapenade, very small amount of tahini

The tart is finished and it was MMMMMMMMMMMMM good! 

I've been reading about teens with cancer, reports about the Gov't covering up reports that point to vaccines as the likely cause of Autism, and rampant infertility.  All the while, day after day, I'm eating my raw food, getting some sun, exercising ,etc....  There are times when I wonder if it makes a difference.  Sure I feel better and I'm glad to have excellent health, but in this world of bombs and illness, poverty, and hunger, does what I do make a difference?

It can feel lonely in choosing the uncommon path but I believe, yes, it does make a difference.  I am reminded me of Cher's song, "A Different Kind of Love Song."  The opening lyrics...

"What if the world was crazy and I was sane?  Would it be so strange?  I can't believe that I'm alone in sayin' the things I'm sayin'.  I am part of you.  These are universal truths.  We're all part of the life that flows through every thing.

I can't not believe that my individual sane behavior with my health and wellness contributes to sanity of the world.

Sometimes affirmation comes from the least expected sources.  Imagine if Cher ate raw foods, she'd be giving her farewell tour for the next 60 years!  Sing it Cher!  

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