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Free raw food class in Culver City...

Breakfast- bowl of watermelon; almond milk, carob, date, banana smoothie

Lunch- large salad: 1 head red leaf lettuce, 1 pint cherry tomatoes, 1 cucumber, 1 1/2 tbs of raw tahini, juice of 1/2 lime

Dinner- at Raw Soul: Tamale pie, Chile, Vanilla Bean ice cream

I'm learning to listen to my body.  I went food shopping and greens were calling my name.  I had some internal dialog that salad wouldn't be enough to satisfy me or my caloric need, but I went with it anyway.  It was the perfect choice; I feel totally satisfied.  I'll consume some calories at dinner.  Besides, the smoothie I had for breakfast was loaded with calories.

Leland Jung, owner/chef of Alive!, a raw restaurant in the San Francisco marina, is now making raw dog food.  Based on the BARF diet he calls it "hippy puppy chow."  Its a "fairly solid mass of green-and-brown flecked paste" that consists of seeds, raw vegetables and traces of raw meat.  Doesn't sound too appetizing but his Border Collie, Echo, likes it pretty well. 

If you're on the west coast, near Culver City, Raw Chef Rod Rotondi is giving  2 free raw classes at Surfas today.


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