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Cherries, and Peaches, and Figs, oh my...

Lunch- 2 lbs cherries

Dinner- 2 pints black figs

Robert Dyckman(see links) has an informal organic produce buying club.  He basically buys food in bulk and lets other people buy from him so that he is assured a supply of ripe fresh organic produce.  I stopped by his place today and picked up some beautiful stuff.img_0089.large fruit.trimmed.jpg  I have enough for a few days of meals.  When I see and smell this stuff I get excited about being a raw foodist.img_0091.small fruit.trimmed.jpg  Fresh figs, cherries, peaches, strawberries, bananas, plums, and cherry tomatoes- all organic and ripe!  This is what nature provides and intends for us to eat.  Nature's food is a beautiful gift to us.  Its so readily provided; ideally speaking, it falls perfectly ripe directly into our hands.  No blood shed, no waste, just seeds to grow into trees that give us more food.  What could be more natural and perfect than this?

I also got Romaine lettuce but I forgot to include it in the photos.  So far the cherries and the figs have been perfect and I can't wait to eat more tomorrow.

img_0086.double fruit.trimmed.jpg



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