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Raw Conflict, Raw Soul, Raw Ontario, Raw truth on Cholesterol...

Breakfast- 1 dozen Pure Food & Wine Chocolate Macaroons, Ginger tea

My Sunday morning treat used to be a leisurely breakfast at the Galaxy Cafe at 9th Ave. & 46th St.  I'd eat a cheese omelet with 3 eggs, mozzarella and Swiss cheese, hash browns, a side of sausage, a cinnamon raisin bagel with butter, a bowl of grits with melted cheese and butter on top, and several cups of coffee.  Times have changed.  I have a compulsion to confess what I feel conflicted about- I feel a little conflicted, maybe a little guilty for the pleasure of today's breakfast.  It's questionably raw and chocolate is probably toxic.  This is okay for today and my life is about progress, not perfection, but I can tell that I'm on my way to letting go of this guilty pleasure.  Even so, "there are worse things I could do."

I enjoyed my dinner at Raw Soul last night.  I didn't overeat and this is a huge accomplishment for me at Raw Soul!  Joseph, Chef John, and Michael Tyson were keeping things in ship shape.  Joseph told me that today is the last day for Raw Soul's Sunday Brunch until October- I will miss it!  Also, Michael was telling me that they're moving the juice bar down from the second floor level and incorporating it into the main restaurant.  The whole Raw Soul operation will all be there in one place every day of the week.

The city of Guelph in Ontario, Canada has a new raw restaurant, the Wild Organic Cafe and Juice Bar.  It's owned by Carin & Thomas Reinhart and it's the first all raw organic restaurant in Ontario.  GuelphMercury.com quotes Carin, '"I don't do any cooking here," said Carin, who's convinced organic, uncooked food is the foundation of a healthy lifestyle.'

MSN is telling people how to lower cholesterol and guess what they suggest eating?  "We don’t need to tell you again to eat more fruits and vegetables. Everyone should be eating more of these—period. Eat a salad a day.... Ideal salad ingredients include greens, beans, sunflower seeds and dressings made with olive or canola oil. Add a veggie to your lunch and dinner. Eat fruits at snack time, and put some on your cereal in the morning. It’s that simple." 

Why don't they just say it and get it over with?  "Become a raw foodist!"

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