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Enough recipe food! When the Rich want Raw Food, Paul Nison

Breakfast- 1 slice pecan pie from LifeThyme

Lunch- 9 black plums

Dinner- from Westerly Natural Market: 1 "crab" cake, 2 "meat" balls, 3/4 lb mock mashed potatoes 

I feel like I've gotten carried away yesterday and now, into today with pre-made raw foods from packages or Deli counters.  I've have plenty of fresh plums and cherries so I am committing to eating them today.  No more packaged or prepared recipe raw food today; I've had my quota!

Raw Foods is finding its way into upscale environments.  A wellness spa for the very rich in Bangkok, Absolute Wellness, has a Raw Food Cafe.  The raw cafe is a specialty of Rasayana Retreats, Absolute's co-owner.  You know how our sensationalized media driven world is; if raw food cuisine becomes something that the very rich have, then everyone will want it.

Paul Nison was in McPherson, KS recently and he's in the NYC area this week.  He sure gets around.  Lisa Lucero captured the simple down-to-earth quality that Paul has.  According to Lisa, Paul travels about 10 months each year and he does it because, “I love meeting and helping people.” 

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