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My commitment was a bust...

Breakfast- 1/2 watermelon, 5 bananas

Lunch- 1/2 watermelon

If you read last night's dinner entry you can see abstaining from eating more processed raw cuisine was a bust.  It's been so hot that the fruit I had was affected.  The plums were beginning to dry out and were barely edible- I wouldn't have given them to someone else to eat.  The cherries that I had been looking forward to eating were thoroughly covered with mold.  I felt disappointed and went straight to the raw deli food.  At least today I'm off to a better start.

Whole Foods at Columbus Circle had a great organic produce selection when I passed through there this morning.  I picked up a couple of watermelons.  I would have gotten more if I could have carried it.  Besides, in this heat that we've had, it doesn't work to stock up on fruit- it spoils too quickly.

It's hard sometimes when I'm not eating as well as I think I should be.  I'm committed to 100% raw and I know that I feel best on simple foods and a high percentage of fruit, but wow, I really stray at times.  There's that part of me that wants to do it perfectly and it's uncomfortable to acknowledge when I don't. 

At the Raw Health and Happiness Society meeting on Monday, I mentioned having eaten cashews and someone asked if they were the really raw cashews.  I internally winced because they were not the really raw cashews; and conventional "raw" cashews and macaroons with maple syrup (Tuesday lunch) don't fall into the ideal of being raw that I'd like to be, or even recommend.  Ahhh, the truth hurts!

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