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Where is the logic...

Breakfast- 1/2 watermelon

I had a chat yesterday with a guy who has recently experimented with raw foods.  He has a lot of questions, concerns actually, about things he has heard people say about the raw diet but he has not himself experienced.  People have told him that fruit will cause blood sugar to "spike,"  that you should mix hemp seeds with fruit when you eat it, that you need a lot of nuts to get protein, etc....

While we were talking and I was explaining why I don't believe this junk, he was cutting open countless tiny plastic packets of powders which he mixed with a cup of water and grimaced as he drank the mixture.  When I asked about it, he said that it was from his Chinese medicine Dr. and that he "had to have it."  I didn't ask any more questions.

Where is the logic?  People would rather take powdered-god-knows-what and say that they have to have it, instead of accepting that nature readily provides what we need.  Were the powders organic? -oven or sun-dried?  Did they contain hidden stimulants that people mistake for energy or true vitality?  How long ago had these substances been packaged?

I challenge anyone to consume a balanced, properly combined all raw diet for six months and then explain why they would need any other form of so-called nourishment.  There might be challenges with sticking with raw but its not because raw doesn't work.  We have to be willing to change; that's what makes it work.

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