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Raw Foods- Navigating through the feelings...

Lunch(Friday)- 1/2 watermelon

Dinner(Friday)- 1/2 watermelon

I feel terrific after having a day of eating only mono meals of watermelon.  Last night I felt somewhat nervous about joining some friends impromptu for dinner.  Having already eaten, I wasn't hungry but wanted to hang out with my friends.  I considered ordering a small bowl of fruit but believe it or not the restaurant did not have any fruit. It all worked out.  My friends didn't care if I ate or not and I enjoyed their company. 

What happens sometimes is that an empty feeling gets triggered when I am with others who are eating and filling up on foods that I used to eat and enjoy but I'm not eating those foods now.  It's not a physical sensation of hunger; it's an emotional attachment to eating certain kinds of foods in certain settings.  I believe that navigating through these feelings is the greatest challenge in transitioning into a raw lifestyle.

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