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Corn Salad...

Dinner(Saturday, 7/22/06)- Sweet corn salad with tomatoes, cucumbers, tahini and seasonings

corn salad

The corn salad tasted great.  While I was eating it I realised that it was made completely from summer vegetables.  Everything in it grows at the same time of year in the same geographical climate.  Somehow that makes sense to me.  So many recipes  use ingredients that come from such diverse locations and seasons.  There is something appealing to me in the idea of the seasonal eating of indigenous foods.  I'm sure there are studies about this but I have never taken the time to look further.  As I was preparing the corn salad I was aware of the urge to "spice it up."  It took some will power, but in the spirit of keeping it simple I refrained from adding known toxins garlic and onion to the mix.  The result was perfect; nothing seemed to be missing.

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