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Raw Food and skin cancer...

Breakfast- 1/2 watermelon

Lunch- 3 pints blueberries

Last night, my friend Glen was telling me that a raw food friend of his recently said something that Glen thought was just ridiculous!  The raw foodist told Glen that we don't need to wear sunscreen when we go out into the sun.  Sun is normal and natural and that we need sunlight on our skin to be healthy.  Glen thought this was one of the silliest things he's ever heard.  Then I proceeded to tell him that I agree with his friend's opinion and I briefly explained why.  

My understanding is that the sun helps us detox by drawing up toxins to the surface of the skin where they are released, much like the sun draws moisture up and out through a plant's leaves.  Cooked food, particularly cooked fats, are drawn up to the surface of the skin but they have been chemically altered by cooking and thus react with the sun's heat and light forming even greater carcinogenic compounds on the skin's surface.  This leads to skin cancer.  Exposing the skin, in moderation, without sunscreen, to direct sunlight is essential for optimal health, particularly bone health, but there are countless additional benefits.

This said, just because we're raw foodist's doesn't mean that we should be reckless with our exposure to sun light.  It is not healthy to allow the skin to become sunburned; that can damage healthy skin tissue.  Sun screen is not the solution for preventing skin cancer.  The solution is moderate sun exposure, slowly developing a healthy moderate tan, and refraining from eating cooked fats and other cooked food.

My true confession is that I looovvvveee the sun and I tend to over do it.  Don't do as I do; do as I say!  Seriously, I know that I need to be careful and I'm working on it.

Posted on Saturday, July 29, 2006 at 01:57PM by Registered CommenterStephen Parker | Comments2 Comments

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The sun has been vilified by the people that stand to gain the most from this tactic, the AMA, the ADA, & most obviously by the companies that own the sun screen companies. If you use your intelligence meter, you would see how ridiculous the claims against the sun are. And if you still aren't getting the "hit" that you end up paying for ill-health by blocking the number one nutrient provider to EVERY species on this planet, then check out some of the disclaimers and research done by the sun screen companies themselves. Between 60-70% more risk of developing skin cancer by using their products than if you were to use nothing.
Does that mean you can just go spend day after day in the sun? Yes, but only after you take certain steps. The first being cleaning out the toxins from your body that interract negatively w/ the sun. The second, and probably as crucial, is eating more fruit. Fruit acts like a natural sun screen for the negative UV rays and helps facilitate the absorbtion on the nutrients the sun has to offer. The third, and perhaps most difficult step to take (because most people don't like showing their midsection), is getting sun on your solar plexus. This is the entrance for solar nutrients (along w/ your eyes), hence the name solar plexus. Good luck w/ your experiments.
August 6, 2006 | Unregistered Commenterimanib
Thanks. That is helpful information for all of us!
August 8, 2006 | Registered CommenterStephen Parker

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