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Melon & corn salad, sour cookies, need for for nature...

Breakfast- 1 very large cantaloupe, about 10 large chunks of watermelon

Lunch- Corn salad! (see recipe)

Last night I tried to give myself a treat and I bought some of Miss Lillian's Oatmeal Raisin Cookies to eat for dessert.  I felt conflicted because my food has been so simple for several days and I didn't want to mess it up; but you know me and treats!  As soon as I tasted them I knew that they had begun to spoil because of the heat.  They were sour and tart.  I ate a few from two different packs hoping to find a good one but they were all turned.  Even though I got these from the refrigerated section in the store, moist oats, fruit and nuts in a sealed package in warm weather is still a recipe for fermentation.  I had planned to have watermelon for breakfast but it was spoiled so I ate just a few bites from the very heart of it.  Food disappointment is so disappointing! 

The corn salad was terrific; I'm getting the recipe fine tuned.


Prevention Magazine has a helpful article on storing food in the fridge.  It's not totally about raw food but there are some helpful ideas.  I don't agree with the information about which fruits do or do not ripen after picking them.

Did you know that children are suffering because their need for contact with nature is not being met?  Duh!!!!!!!!!!!!  As raw foodists we know this already, but the book review and interview is insightful.

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