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Do we really need mock mashed potatoes...

Dinner(Sunday, 7/30/06)- From Westerly Natural Market raw deli: spinach loaf concoction & mock mashed potatoes; spicy macadamia nuts from Pure Food & Wine, some crackers from Blue Green,  Glaser Farm sesame nori crackers, fruit/nut/carob bar, Miss Lillian's Berry Lovers Cheesecake

I was ready to pig out!  I got all the stuff home and I couldn't eat it.  Blame it on the heat or what have you, but it just wasn't tasty; and I wanted it to be!  I nibbled at each thing I had bought and then just put it away.  I'm increasingly feeling that the raw food diet is not about food that is prepared and then sold in packages or from glass deli cases.  Why are we so compelled to futz around with the food that nature provides?  Why do we need to add salt, braggs, nutritional yeast, agave, maple syrup and countless other things to our "raw food" before we eat it?  Do we really need to replace cooked food with something that mimics it?

I know this is challenging for many people, me included; but lets be honest with ourselves.  Do we really need mock mashed potatoes?  I know from experience that a large bowl of fresh fruit would be more satisfying.  I think it's more important for me to deal with the mental issues that draw me to the mock mashed potatoes rather than just keep making more of them. 

Its so uncomfortable to write this knowing that people are reading it and that at some future time I'll be writing about having eaten more mock mashed potatoes.

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