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How can we help each other...

Breakfast- a salad: 1 head red oak leaf lettuce, 1 large tomato, 2 cucumbers, parsley; spicy macadamia nuts from Pure Food & Wine, nori sesame crackers from Glaser Farms

Lunch- 1/2 watermelon

Dinner- a large 1/4 watermelon

The salad tasted great; it was the perfect follow up and pallet cleanser after last night's attempted smorgasbord.  I did finish the nuts and nori crackers from last night; they were the only things that were appealing.  I tossed everything else from last night.

I feel more and more strongly that the secret to success on raw foods is keeping things simple, eating simply fruit, vegetables, seeds and nuts, and a few simple salads and dishes that we freshly prepare for ourselves from time to time.  Buying dehydrated snacks in air-tight plastic packaging is not the direction that I want to go.  Our body has to replace the water in order to digest it and to dilute the salt that is usually an ingredient.  Besides, I'd go broke if I bought enough of that stuff to fill me up the same way that watermelon or blueberries do. 

As raw foodists, how can we help each other eat our food in it's natural state as nature provides it?


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