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Anthony Bourdain, Woody Harrelson's balls...

Breakfast- 1/2 watermelon

Anthony Bourdain is still getting a lot of press for blasting Woody Harrelson for sticking to his raw diet in Thailand.  Page Rockwell asks Bourdain some great questions regarding his condescending view on veganism.  I responded to the editor in part with this: '[Bourdain] demonizes Woody Harrelson for exercising his right to choose. At least Woody Harrelson has balls enough to say no to food that has "sand, fur, and shit in it." '  His response to the vegans is laughable and peoples' letters to the editor surprisingly pro-vegan.

There is a whole slew of cooking classes in Salt Lake this summer and two of them are raw.  I know, well at least two is better than zero  LIFELONG LEARNING, University of Utah, 801-587-5433.  Raw food, Two-part series held Tuesdays starting July 18, $54.

Raw Dish! talk show is looking for a volunteer production assistant in the New York area.  If you're interested shoot us an email. 

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