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Cap'n Crunch is not raw food, Trans fat in Chicago, help...

Breakfast- 1/2 watermelon

California might lose Federal funds for education because of poor student performance.  NPR focused on Yolanda Decatur, who has three children struggling in the CA schools; 8 year old Cameron "goes through his tantrums," according to Yolanda.  "On a typical school day, Decatur has three bowls of milk and a box of Cap'n Crunch waiting on the kitchen table of her home."  Decatur also works full time in a fast-food restaurant.  Captain Crunch, pasteurized bovine breast milk, fast-food, and crowded schools is not a recipe for educational success.  What can we do to fix situations like this?  Can a raw lifestyle help?  Where do we begin?

A Chicago Alderman has proposed outlawing the use of Trans fats in Chicago's restaurants.  On NPR, NY Times reporter, Kim Severson, says the Fed's guidelines call for no more than 1% of calories coming from Trans fats, about 2 grams(1 donut or a few fries).  The Institutes of Medicine say zero grams is the only acceptable amount.  Whose interests are protected by the Fed's recommendation?  Guess what?  RAW FOODS HAVE ZERO GRAMS OF TRANS FAT!

Raw foods education is an essential component for improving and protecting our lives and our world.   

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