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Raw Cacao at Live Live, Raw Food Meet Up picnic, new photographs...

Breakfast- a large homemade carob banana date almond milk smoothie

Lunch- at Live Live:a taste of Coconut Chili Ceviche & Arugula Orange salad; at Raw Meet Up picnic: almost 1 pint of blueberries, 6-8 Black plums(I didn't count.)

Dinner- 8 Ms.Lillian's Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

live live.cacao.dan hoyt w classOn the way to the NY Raw Food Meet Up picnic I stopped by Live Live's Raw Cacao class with Dan Hoyt.  The food that Dan was demonstrating looked delectable.  I was surprised that the class was not focused solely on desserts; Dan demonstrated the use of cacao in savory dishes.  The few bites I sampled were remarkable.  There were 15 students in the class and when I asked, only three of them said they consider themselves to be raw foodists.  Gregory Allen from the Live Live staff said "the cacao really draws people out!"  It's encouraging that raw cuisine is catching the attention of non-raw foodists.  Emily Lew, one of the "raw-curious" students, said this was her first raw food preparation class and she will definitely use what she learned in today's class.  Live Live is having another class next week; its listed the Raw Dish! events calendar.

raw meet up picnic group circleAfter Live Live, I headed over to Thompkins Square Park where the NY Raw Food Meet Up group was having a picnic.  The group was really pleasant and easy going, perfect for a sunny breezy Sunday afternoon in the park.  There was a variety of foods, plain ripe fruits, vegetables, marina sauce and some other dishes that I never sampled- I stuck to the fruit.  I knew several people from a variety of different places- Blanche who I recently met at Organic Avenue, Marc-Anthony from various raw workshops and seminars, Robert Dyckman long time friend (see Raw Dish! links), David Kliger from Raw Health & Happiness Society meetings, and Sarah, the organizer who I met at the meet up at Caravan of Dreams.

Additional photographs from the Live Live class and the picnic are posted in the Raw Dish! gallery.


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