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Raw Food and feelings...

Dinner(Friday, August 11)- Sweet corn from 2 ears of fresh corn, 1 large and 1 medium slicing tomatoes, 1 pint cherry tomatoes, 2 large Kirby cucumbers

I felt so full after dinner last night.  The sweetness of the corn combined with the salty savory flavor of the tomatoes was delicious.  The cucumbers were perfectly crunchy and cool.  I refrained from adding tahini to the mixture, the last time I did that I used too much and it all sat like a rock in my stomach.  Keeping it simple like this, I still felt that lightness of being that comes with time on the raw diet.

img_0133_edited.jpgAfter dinner I noticed that I felt sad and I realized that recently this sadness has been an after dinner pattern.  I think I know what it is.  I'm currently eating three meals a day with no snacking; I always enjoy my meals and look forward to them.  The sadness comes up when I am finished with the last meal of the day.  I think it's because something within me feels sad that there is no more food to look forward to eating that day or night.  Also, I think when I overeat on nuts and high fat content food(as in putting too much tahini on my salad), that overly full, weight in my stomach sensation just serves to distract me from feelings, it suppresses them. 

Last night, a couple of hours after dinner, I felt the sadness and I wanted more to eat.  Luckily I had read something during the course of the day that helped me to just experience the feelings and not try to suppress them or cover them up.  In "Insights of Health" an essay by Morris Krok, published in Living Nutrition Magazine, Krok suggests that there are times when, instead of eating, one might consider meditation, doing some yoga, taking a walk, reading, writing, creative work, or gardening.  In my opinion all of these activities are basically good for the soul; they feed the spirit.  

After a few moments of contemplation, I noticed the distant setting sun shinning on the buildings around me.  I decided what to do.  Instead of eating or obsessing about feeling sad; I walked to the river front of the Hudson river, I found a comfortable spot on a park bench and I sat there.  I breathed the cool summer evening air, I noticed the mild breeze on my skin and I watched the yellow orange sun as it receded in the western sky.  My spirit felt fed.  I didn't need to eat and later, in my comfortable bed with fresh clean sheets, I went to sleep with a smile knowing that I'll have sweet juicy watermelon for breakfast!

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