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Cantaloupe, Bananas, Dinner at Raw Soul...

Breakfast- 1 large cantaloupe

Lunch- 7 small bananas sliced and mixed with shredded coconut, carob powder, and 3 tbs tahini

Dinner- At Raw Soul: Pad Thai, Tamale Pie, 1 slice Berry Lover's Cheesecake, 1 Drop cookie

What a surprise at Raw Soul, Mia and Eilon Mass who I just met last night at the Raw Health and Happiness Society meeting were there with friends celebrating Eilon's birthday!  Aaron Schneider, who I also know from the RHHS was also there with them.  Just before I left, Lillian brought out a whole beautiful cheesecake topped with candles which Eilon blew out easily in one breath.  Of all times to not have my camera with me...

The Pad Thai was very satisfying; this is the first time that I've tried it.  The squash noodles were cool with just enough crunch.  The peanut sauce was flavorful and mildly spicy, perfect for those like me who prefer low level spiciness.  The Pad Thai would have been plenty for me, but the Tamale Pie is a favorite of mine and I had my heart set on having it tonight.

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