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Pure willfulness...

Breakfast- 8 Chocolate MacaroonsAnti-social. from Pure Food and Wine 

Lunch- 1 large cantaloupe

Dinner- Bananas

Ugh!  It's 11:50pm, more than 2 hours after my usual bed time and I am still up and wide awake.  It was pure willfulness that led led me to search out and eat the macaroons for breakfast.  I knew full well that eating them would probably cause me be wide awake tonight.  Raw or not, chocolate is a stimulant.  I feel a little embarrassed to be writing about this again.  I'm getting closer to being willing to putting cacao on that list of things that I don't eat anymore, ever!  I feel afraid to let it go.  Sometimes I want it so badly and at those times it feels painful to not eat the stuff.  Luckily, the cravings for the cacao buzz haven't been that frequent recently.

Eric Rivkin is a Raw Food Chef who also sells raw foods and raw food supplies and equipment(good prices too!).  Eric's not a hygienist, but we've been able to have some very friendly and fresh correspondence about topics that Hygienists and non-Hygienists have been known to come to blows over, namely cacao.  It's helpful to talk openly about the nuances and differences of the different approaches to raw food living.  Even if I disagree, the civil discourse helps me to clarify for myself what I believe and why.  Now, as far as cacao is concerned, I need to put it to use.

Eric sells things like nuts and various dry goods, spiralizers, blenders, nut milk bags, etc..  I don't want to post his address without his permission; but if you'd like for me to forward your e-address to him just email it to me.

It's time for dinner, bananas- Oh, one more thing!  I posted a new article about raw foods and muscle building in the Raw Dish! "Ask the Experts" section.  It's classic Matthew Grace; check it out!

Danger ahead!


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