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Don't eat raw unless you want change...

Breakfast- almost 1/2 large watermelon

Lunch- 1 large cantaloupe, a bowl of watermelon

Dinner- From Raw Soul: Hazelnut ice cream, 1 drop cookie; 4 oz pkg of Living Nutz, 3 oz pkg of Audrey's Pleasure Royal Cheez Veggie crackers, 1 pint cherry tomatoes

I'm aware of wanting raw food to change my life in some instantly magical way.  The thought might be: "When I'm eating only raw food then things will be different... Then my life will be good... Then I can start living, etc...."  It hasn't worked that way.

My life is different, better, but the change is deep and subtle.  The quality of my experience of life is more satisfying.  One of the main changes is I feel more clear and present to show up for life.  I have the energy and vitality to live life in a meaningfully engaging way.  I don't feel foggy or sedated, there is a clarity in my brain functioning and emotional perception that wasn't there before I went all raw.

I am still me however and I have my own personal challenges and growth opportunities.  Sometimes life is very uncomfortable.  I have this consistent energy and clarity so now what?  I am more aware of my responsibility in how my life unfolds.  I feel things more keenly, pleasant and unpleasant; but there is more of a flow, I don't feel stuck in the unpleasant.

Other raw foodists will say, "It's hard to describe; you've just got to try it!"  This is often said about the subtle difference between eating 95% raw and 100% raw.  There is a difference but you can't experience it until you experience it.  Once you have, then you know the difference.

The clarity that comes helps you to be more aware of the effects less than optimal choices.  When you eat less than optimal things, like cacao, or too many nuts, or an excess of dehydrated foods, you notice it more, you are aware of how that "lightness of being" feeling can go up or down.

I feel like I'm rambling on about this.  It's one of those things that words can't quite adequately describe.  Enough for now! 

Not quite!  The changes one experiences after becoming raw are subtle, but also very far reaching.  Don't become a raw foodist if you don't want change.

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