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Beyonce raw? Hold the canned pineapple...

Breakfast- from the Galaxy Diner: 2 large fruit salads, all herbal mint tea

Lunch- 1 large cantaloupe, 1 1/2 cups red seedless grapes

Dinner- 1 avocado, 1/4 cup walnuts, 1 large tomato, 3-4 Blue Green corn crackers, 1 pkg Audrey's Four Season crackers

Is Beyonce going raw?  Never in my wildest dreams did I think that I would be writing about Beyonce!  Many raw foodists have heard of the Master Cleanse, a modified fasting program that utilizes a lemonade mixture.  Apparently Beyonce got word of it and used it to lose 20 lbs.  Christine Mangan reports that, "Designed to cleanse the body by riding it of toxins, a happy side effect of this now popular diet includes loosing weight, though this was not its original intention."

This is not news to most of us in-the-know raw foodists.  I give Mangan credit for writing a well-rounded description of the Master Cleanse.  After describing the Master Cleanse suggestion for breaking the fast, she reminds us that "...the diet recommends continuing on with the lemonade drink for breakfast and limiting yourself to a fruit, vegetable, seed and berry diet in the future."

My breakfast today was an experiment.  The Galaxy Diner is where I used to go and fill up on omelets, grits, hash browns, toast, sausage, and coffee!  The Galaxy just reopened after undergoing extensive renovations and it now has a charming open air sidewalk cafe feel.  I have missed sitting there, leisurely eating, writing, and reading.  I went back to see if I could enjoy it raw, and I did.  I miss the coffee buzz that I associate with the place, but it is still a nice alternative for a Sunday morning.  The Fruit salad was okay, typical diner quality; it was all fresh except for canned pineapple which I picked out.  In the final analysis, the fresh fruit that I carefully choose and eat at home is much better.  The Galaxy is great for the atmosphere, a change of pace, or to take non-raw folks.

The Galaxy Diner is located on the southwest corner of Ninth Avenue and 46th Street in Manhattan.  They also make fresh orange juice and smoothies.

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