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Raw foods and health are not rocket science...

Food log for Monday, 8/28/06

Breakfast- 1/2 large watermelon

Lunch- 1/2 large watermelon

Dinner- from Westerly: 1/3 lb mock mashed potatoes, 1/2 piece raw falafel; 2/3 pint cherry tomatoes, 1/2 slice Miss Lillian's Coconut Cream Cake

My eating schedule was off kilter yesterday.  I didn't eat breakfast until 11:30am and I ate dinner at 9:30pm.  I went to sleep right after eating and I had indigestion and didn't sleep well.  The solution?  Pepto Bismal- just kidding!  No really, I could have eaten a couple pieces of fruit for dinner or I could have stayed up a little later and allowed time for more digestion to take place. 

Health is not rocket science; it's common sense.  Most people know what to do but they'd rather not do it.  They prefer to indulge in the pleasure of what they're used to.  It's all relative, whether it be the person who prefers to eat steak topped with melted butter or the raw foodist who'd prefer to eat a heavy meal late in the evening instead of a few pieces of fruit.

It comes down to learning to make new choices and getting the support to continue making those new choices until they become preferences.

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