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Enjoying our food, Realistic expectations...

Breakfast- 14 medjool dates

Lunch- 3 1/2 mangos

Dinner- from Jubb's Longevity: House cheese salad, Pizza, Onion rings, Lemon cheesecake

I really enjoyed my meals yesterday, two meals of fresh fruit followed by a meal of nuts and fresh vegetables.  I felt happy that I enjoyed the small portion of mock mashed potatoes without eating too much of them. 

During the past two days I have had a desire for specific nuts.  On Tuesday it was macadamias and then yesterday it was pistachios.  I'm wary of overdoing it with nuts, but each time and particularly with the pistachios the moment I put them in my mouth and began to chew something said "Yes, this is what I need."

As I continue detoxing from cooked and junk food as well detoxing from the false messages of desire that the media floods us with, I think its important to cultivate a keen awareness of what I'm choosing to eat and why I'm making that choice.  There's nothing wrong with eating something(raw) just because it tastes good and I want some. 

Also, knowing my own history with food, I want to be alert to the desire to eat expecting that a particular food is going to "fix something now."  Healthy raw eating provides nourishment and pleasure while we eat it, and usually a state of well being afterwards.  If I begin to expect more than this from my food, I'm setting myself up for disappointment.


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