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Dinner alfresco...

img_0145.jpgDinner (Saturday, August 5)- A large salad with red leaf lettuce, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, fresh corn, and dulse flakes; living mashed potatoes from Westerly Natural Market, 1 slice Miss Lillian's Berry Lovers cheesecake.

I had made my salad last night but I wanted something to go with it and I decided to walk to Westerly and bring some "mashed potatoes" back home.  The whole round trip on foot takes about 25 minutes.  At the last minute I decided to img_0144.jpgput my salad in a tupperware bowl and bring it, thinking that I would eat outside at one of the tables at Worldwide Plaza.  It's really nice sitting there by the fountain among other people enjoying the summer air at dusk.

img_0149.jpgAfter making my purchase at Westerly, instead of going back towards Worldwide Plaza, I decided to walk up to the Central Park and find a picnic spot.  I ended up sitting in the very middle of Sheep's Meadow.  It was phenomenal.  I was on an expansive carpet of fresh green lawn which was in turn surrounded by a ring of verdant and full large trees and just beyond that was New York's tall skyline slowly illuminating itself in sequence with the distant setting sun.  Above all of this, there was the beautiful dome of the quickly changing summer sky at sunset.  The moon was rising in the the eastern sky and the first bright stars were appearing in the south-west.


It was in this setting that I sat cross legged on on the grass and enjoyed my meal.  You can see that I had also added Miss Lillian's cheesecake to my shopping list!  I took my shirt off while I ate and allowed the air to bathe my skin.  There was a drumming circle somewhere not too distant and its rhythmic sounds contributed to the ambiance of this unique New York City combination of urban and natural life. 

I would be hard pressed to say which nourished me more, my very satisfying meal or my immersion in this richly unique setting.


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