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Farmer's Markets, Apricots and Sunshine, Raw Food Women and make-up...

Breakfast- 18 fresh apricots

This morning I was craving something fatty, nuts or some kind of raw confection.  I'd like to get out of this recent habit of eating on the heavy side of raw though.  I've been giving myself a break because I've been navigating my way through some personal matters and all the accompanying feelings.  The heavier food is comforting but it seems to take over.  Anyway, this morning I was near the farmer's market and I made a deal with myself.  It's okay to go buy the treat that I was craving, I wasn't sure what it was, but first I had to go to the Farmer's Market and buy some fresh produce to take home.

The good news is that I stopped with the fresh produce.  I bought apricots, blueberries, slicing tomatoes and cherry tomatoes.  Then I found a place in the morning sunshine where I sat and took off my shirt and let the sun hit me square in the middle of my solar plexus and I ate apricots for breakfast.  I feel changed both in my mood and energy.  I feel recharged, literally. 

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