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Do bananas cure crankiness?

Breakfast- 3 bananas

Lunch- 5 bananas

Dinner- 2 bananas, 1/2 cup mock "mashed potatoes", 2 kirby cucumbers

Just in case you're wondering, I waited about 20-25 mins between the bananas and the rest of my dinner.

I felt a little lethargic and cranky early this morning.  After eating the bananas for breakfast and lunch the crankiness went away.  Are bananas a cure for lethargy and crankiness?  Just keeping it simple and giving my body some time and energy to deal with all I ate at the Potluck last night probably had a lot to do with the crankiness subsiding.

Our raw food discussion meeting tonight at the Raw Health and Happiness Society was great.  We talk about a whole range of topics.  Here's some excerpts:

  • Genesis 1:29 tells us what humans should be eating.
  • Even after the flood and the beginning of sacrifices, there is still instruction to not eat meat.
  • My Dogs and cats are raw now, their energy is way up and their coats are silky and beautiful.
  • How much non-organic food is bad for you?
  • The scale is not your friend, just eat raw food and measure your waist if you have to measure something.
  • You don't have to eat meat to build muscle.
  • Mexican grapes are sprayed with pesticides, Chilean grapes are not.
  • I don't let stores lazer zap my food at the cash register.
  • The best water filter is the Jupiter Water Ionizer.
  • Brookstone air filters are great.
  • Raw foodists require less drinking water, particularly if they consume low fat and no added salt.
  • If you're new to raw food then it's probably best to be sure to drink an abundance of water because your body is flushing toxins out.

Besides talking about all of this and more, we had fun doing it!

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