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Try keeping it simple and see how you feel...

Breakfast- 8 nectarines

Lunch- 6 bananas

Dinner- 2 bananas, 8 Medjool dates

On the days when I eat simply, like I ate today, my clarity and energy is sustained at a higher level than when I start mixing up many different kinds of foods.  The challenge for many raw foodists is relearning how to feel the pleasure and satisfaction in eating simple foods.  Practice makes perfect.  We can practice eating more simply and become familiar with how it feels and how we feel doing it.

And, we can still look forward to special foods and meals, maybe more complex meals, that we enjoy eating and sometimes sharing with others.  Recently, I've been keeping my foods simple during the week when I need optimal energy and mental clarity for work and then on the weekend I treat myself to a raw restaurant meal or two, or three!

My challenge today was that I ate my dinner at work, at my desk in my office before attending a class I take on Tuesday evening, and then I didn't have a meal to look forward to eating when I came home tonight.  I felt a little sad about that.  Food has come to function in so many ways other than it's primary purpose- nourishment.  Living a raw food life can help to put food in it's proper place so that we enjoy it and are nourished by it but are not let down by false expectations for food to be something that it isn't, a friend, a lover, love, a distraction, stimulation.


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