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September 4, 2006, Monday, Cravings have lifted...

Breakfast- 1 very large cantaloupe

Lunch- 24 fresh apricots

Dinner- Mock mashed potatoes, 1 large tomato, 1 large cucumber, 1 bag of Pure Food & Wine's spicy macadamias, 1 package Audrey's Pleasure "Cheese" crackers, 4 BlueGreen coconut macaroons

There, I've gotten caught up after not writing here for a few days.  I'm still raw!  My food has been very satisfying the past few days. 

I've noticed recently that cravings for cooked food have dissipated.  This is exactly in line with what I've heard other people say happens after staying 100% raw for several months.  When I first went 100% raw a few years ago, at about the 5 month point I noticed that I wasn't craving cooked food any longer.  This time around, the cravings seem to have lifted around the 6-7 month point.  I think the key is staying 100% raw.  If you keep indulging in cooked food you never really get it out of your system and you'll continue to crave it.

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