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Sunday Night Raw Food Nosh...

Lunch- 26 Fresh dates

Dinner- Raw Soul Gazpacho, Awesome Foods Cashew "cheese" sticks, Audrey's Pleasure New York "Sushi" chips, Symbio Life Burger Patties, 1 large head of Romaine Lettuce

The gazpacho from Raw Soul is a little on the spicy side for my palate but even so the flavors are so perfectly balanced and and tasty that I keep going back for it.  It's like everything else from Raw Soul, delicious and made with love. 

I know, I know, my dinner was on the snacky junky side of raw tonight- it's part of that Sunday night nosh urge.  I like Awesome Food's Cashew "Cheese" Sticks but after a few bites they loose their appeal but they have a snacky crunchy quality that keeps you eating them.  They're also highly processed for raw food.

The Sybio Life Burgers are new; I'd never seen them before until tonight.  I ate them wrapped in lettuce.  The flavor and texture are good and pretty remarkable for a pre-made pre-packaged raw burger.  After a couple of bites I realized that they're oily and after checking the ingredients I realized why, both olive oil and flax oil are listed.  They'd be great for a quick meal with a sliced tomato and wrapped in lettuce.

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