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Still Wow'd by raw food culinary creations...

Friday- January 5, 2007

Breakfast- 3 large Navel oranges

Lunch- A large salad: Romaine lettuce, chopped tomatoes, shredded carrots, cucumbers, marinated artichokes, raisins, walnuts, sun-dried tomatoes

Dinner- At Pure Food & Take Away: "Sushi", "Pizza", 2 Cinnamon Raisin cookies, 1 Thumbprint cookie, 1/2 bag candied almonds, 3-4 spoons of Cinnamon ice "cream".

I still feel wow'd that we can go to restaurants and treat ourselves to what I ate for dinner. I like being able to revisit raw versions of cooked food favorites without crossing all the way over to the "other" side. There is price to pay though. I know too much. So when the "candied" almonds sit like rocks in my stomach I know that I've gone too far.

On the other hand, the Thumbprint cookies are the best raw cookie I've ever tasted! Visit Pure Food and Take Away.

Posted on Sunday, January 7, 2007 at 05:43PM by Registered CommenterStephen Parker | Comments2 Comments

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Reader Comments (2)

Good to see you back. I thought maybe you dropped off the blogosphere!
January 9, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterMila
Thanks Mila. I'm back- a day at a time!
January 9, 2007 | Registered CommenterStephen Parker

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