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Raw Food seaweed experiment...

On Saturday, 9/29/07...

Breakfast- 1 1/2 lbs black seedless grapes, fresh from the farmer at the Farmers Market

Lunch- 6 peaches, fresh from the farmer at the Farmers Market

Dinner- 1/2 lb raw Chunks of Energy, homemade raw Miso soup (see description below)

The Farmers market had a great selection of fruits and vegetables, apples, pears, tomatoes, cucumbers, peaches, and grapes.  If you've been reading my blog then you know I've been on a grape kick.  My favorite local organic grape grower is over on the the east side of the market on Saturday, usually set up beside the compost information table.  I think the Vineyard's name is Buzzard's Crest or Nest or something like that.  She has a great selection of grapes and the fresh grape juice is divine!

I spent the afternoon on the beach.  It was one of those special September beach days when the breeze is not too cool and the sun is warm but not hot.  There was an abundance of beautiful emerald green seaweed in the water and on the shore.  I don't know what kind it was but it was flat bright green little sheets that reflected the sun and looked so full of life energy.  It was so appealing to my senses that I gathered some from the water with the intention to somehow include it in my evening meal.

At home I rinsed the seaweed with filtered water several time to remove any sand that might be in it and then I let it soak for a couple of hours in water.  I decided to to make two uses of it, as an ingredient of my Miso soup and also in a seaweed salad.  The Miso soup was delicious.  I gathered some vegetables- celery, spinach, onion, ginger, and the seaweed- and I chopped them all into really small pieces.  Then I poured hot water over them in a soup terrine that I had warmed by soaking it in hot water.  I covered the bowl and let the vegetables soften in the water.  After about 30 minutes I stirred in some unpasteurized white miso, and voila, I had a delicious savory warm soup. 

Even though I was enjoying the soup, having just seen the movie Into the Wild (which is terrific, by the way),I had a moment of worry about eating something (the seaweed) that I didn't really know what it was. This was a little careless.  The soup was very delicious though and I kept on eating.

The seaweed salad consisted of the finely chopped seaweed, finely chopped Romaine lettuce, chopped tomato, and some pine nuts.  I drizzled the mixture with tahini and thoroughly mixed it all together.  I expected it to taste really good, but was disappointed in the outcome.  The seaweed just tasted too fresh and the other ingredients weren't able to compensate for the freshness.  So, after picking out the tomato pieces and eating them separately, I dumped the entire seaweed salad mixture into the barely luke warm soup that I was still enjoying and I stirred it all together.  Ah, this tasted great!

I think I'm through with experimenting with gathering and eating fresh seaweed, at least until I do a little more homework.

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