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Raw Food and Ego...

On Tuesday, 10/9/2007...

Breakfast- 3 Rawvolution bars, (2 raisin, 2 raspberry, 1 Lara bar ("Coco Mole"?)

Lunch- 1 lb red seedless grapes

Dinner- Matter of Flax No Bean Hummus, Olive "bread", cherry tomatoes, 3 Didi's Mac & Cheese crackers, 1 large head celery

Man, I don't like to admit eating the raw not-candy bars.  Here I am putting myself out there as someone who knows something about raw foods and wants to help others eat raw and I'm eating less than ideal technically raw food.  It's easy to write about the days that I ate what I believe to be ideal food choices--sweet juicy fruit for breakfast and lunch, and a leafy greens and vegetable salad for dinner.  My ego can so easily kick in with this stuff.  I even want to be sure that whoever reads this knows that I ate a large head of celery with dinner.  "I did, I really did eat a large head of celery and it helped with digesting the concentrated pre-prepared other stuff.  I promise"  Give me a break!

Anyway, this is what I go through sometimes.  Sometimes its messy and I don't like to admit it.

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