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It's not junk!, Raw Food log, 2007, 10/02...

On Tuesday, October 2:

Breakfast- 4 Rawvolution bars (1 raspberry, 2 raisin, 1 chocolate coconut, 1 large herbal mint tea)

Lunch- Carob Mousse and strawberry pie

Dinner- salad: Romaine, sliced tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, chopped celery, pine nuts, a few raw cashews, cucumbers, a few sliced black olives, red and yellow bell peppers, dressing of raw miso, olive oil, lemon juice and herbs

IMG_0339_edited.jpgI feel a little guilty when I eat this kind of breakfast, it feels like a junky breakfast and I hesitate to admit to it even though it's raw of some sort. I remind myself that it's a hell of a lot better than Dunkin Donuts or Crispy Cream.  The pie at lunch was delicious.  All of this food that sounds very decadent is actually just a combination of uncooked fruit, nuts and seeds.  Its really amazing when you think about it.

The dressing on my dinner salad was soupy and savory.I took this photo before I dressed it so that all of the ingredients were in view.  In the photo you can't tell how large the salad actually was, but this was a huge pasta platter full of salad.  I ate about a third of it.

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