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Raw Food is alive and well with me...

On Tuesday, 11/13/07:

Breakfast- 4 big Golden Delicious apples

Lunch- 4 very large fresh farmer's market apples

Dinner- Jennifer Cornbleet's "Carrots with Parsley & Walnuts"

Yes, raw food living is alive and well.  Dinner was not great but I think it was due to my preparation of Jennifer's receipe and not the recipe itself.  The parsley I used was old, dry and tough, and the walnuts had a lot of tannin and felt dry and rough in my mouth.  I added some chopped soaked sun-dried tomatoes and I also think a little fresh/ground mustard seed would add some flavor to this basic recipe.  I've noticed that Jennifer's portions tend to be small and I need to keep this in mind when I prepare recipes from her book.

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