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Victoria Boutenko Raw Food lecture tickets now on Raw Dish!

On Tuesday, 11/20/07...

Breakfast- 5 large Fuji apples

Lunch- 1 large pineapple

Dinner- 1/4 cup dried pitted cherries, 8 medjool dates, 1/2 large head celery

The apples were delicious.  This is apple season here in New York and I don't usually buy foreign apples this time of year, but my neighborhood health food store, Nice-n-Natural (673 Ninth Ave. at 46th St.) got in a shipment of apples from New Zealand and they've been sweet, juicy, and crunchy --not to mention well priced at 1.99/lb.  The pineapple was pretty good too.  I was wary about buying a pineapple because the last time I ate fresh pineapple it was in a fruit salad at a friend's house and it was not ripe and was so acidic that it burned my mouth terribly.  Not so this time.  I like buying and preparing my own raw food; that way I know what I'm getting, what to expect.

I know this will sound elementary to my techie friends, but I feel very proud of myself for creating and implementing a button so that people can purchase their advance Boutenko lecture tickets here on Raw Dish!  If you're going to be in NYC on December 14, I hope you can make it to Victoria's lecture.  She's not here often and it will be a great event.  And, you can save $5.00 and get your advance ticket/seat here!

By the way, the way I've been eating yesterday and today feels great.  Last night was close call; something cooked was calling my name, loudly.  As always, in those challenging moments, if I can eat some sweet fresh fruit first(try saying that 10 times quickly!), the cravings for something less than healthy usually disappears.

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