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Jill Melton doesn't know what she's talking about when it comes to raw food...

Breakfast- 7 large Honey tangerines

Lunch- 15 Clementine oranges

Dinner- 10 Medjool dates, a large bowl of soup (1 large Honey tangerine, 1 large red bell pepper & 4 long sticks of celery blended)

Just because you're a registered dietician doesn't automatically mean that you know anything about a healthy raw diet.  Jill Melton, a registered dietitian, editor of Relish magazine and who spent 15 years at Cooking Light says this of raw foods and enzymatic claims: "It just a bunch of wooey."

Give me a break!  The woman has worked for a cooking magazine for years.  Do you think she might be biased against the practice of refraining from cooking food and removing oneself from the worldwide obsession with, and addiction to, cooked food?

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