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Life Alive Cafe is faking it!

Breakfast- 1 large head Romaine lettuce

Lunch- 1 very large(soccer ball sized) cantaloupe

Dinner- mostly leftovers from last night- a few walnuts, a few pistachios, sun-dried tomatoes, 3-5 olives, 3/4 lb celery

When I saw this headline, "IN LOWELL, THEY'RE LINING UP FOR LIFE ALIVE CAFE'S RAW DEAL," I felt excited to read about a new raw restaurant.  Turns out that its fake.  The restaurant flash-steams its vegetables and implies that its still "alive," as good as raw, "barely cooked."  The owner is quoted: "I totally think the power of raw food is undeniable," says Feinstein, "but it's not for everyone."  Apparently raw food is not for her either.  Its tremendously better than McDonald's, but there's no need to mislead people and take advantage of the growing popularity of raw cuisine in an attempt to draw customers.

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