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May 14, 2007

Breakfast- 20 oz fresh orange juice

Lunch- 2 lbs sliced fresh mango

Dinner- 5 bananas

My digestive system did not agree with something I ate on Sunday.  I suspect it was the curry cashews- too many of them.  I didn't get sick, but I didn't sleep well and I tossed and turned because of the gymnastics my gut was doing in an attempt to digest whatever the culprit was.

This morning I knew that a light easy liquid breakfast of orange juice would be the ideal breakfast.

Increasingly I'm letting go of food that I used to eat frequently because I'm seeing that don't I feel so great afterwards.  This letting go process is somewhat a back & forth progression, but forward, never the less.  Formerly, the pleasure of eating various foods outweighed the potential discomfort.  That's not the case any longer; the pendulum is swinging towards the other direction.

If someone sticks with raw food, they can't help but become more aware of how their body responds to what they put in it.

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