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Raw Food, Dental health, Mercury poisoning...

Breakfast- 1/4 large watermelon

Lunch- 12 Medjool dates, 1 very large head of Romaine lettuce (Just for curiosity I calculated the actual cost of my lunch, $6.18.)

Dinner- 1/2 of a very large Mammea fruit

I had expected to eat the whole Mammea but it was so filling that I could only eat half of it!

We live in a time in which here are so many sources of health information that mix the erroneous with the valid and it can be very confusing to navigate one's way to health.  Erroneously, Health 24, includes under the heading "Foods that are bad for the teeth," "All fresh...fruit," and there's no mention of fresh vegetables as being good or bad.  When did our biologically natural food become bad for our teeth?  Most people will read this list and without thinking it through never question it, and thus the seed thought that fruit is bad is planted in their mind.  On the valid side, Health 24 suggests some practices that I'd agree promote tooth health.  These include:

  • avoid continuous snacking and sipping of drinks;
  • allow time between meals for saliva to neutralise acids and repair the teeth;
  • avoid brushing teeth immediately after consuming acidic foods, drinks, citrus fruits and juices – this allows time for remineralisation to occur.

Also on Health 24: "All seafood should be approached with caution while you're pregnant. Why? Because of heavy metals, toxins and tapeworms - that's why." The article goes on to mention   "Contamination with mercury,
Contamination with dioxins and PCBs,  Infestation with worms
," and  "Anti-thiamine enzymes" as reasons to cut back on seafood if you're pregnant.  Why would any sane person, pregnant or not, eat foods that risk having this toxicity? 

When you really examine the information that's out there about health , you'll probably begin to conclude that a raw organic vegan diet is optimal for wellness.  I dare you to prove me, and increasing numbers of others wrong!  As more of us come to the raw food life, it's imperative that we read, listen, study and importantly, learn to think for ourselves and be responsible for our own wellness.

P.S. Yesterday I wrote that I would be posting Mary's and Matthew's photo from the Monday night RHHS meeting.  It hasn't happened yet due to technical challenges!

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